SR1000x200(February 2016 – present)

What began as a segment on “The CL Files” in 2011 with Carl Chenier and Lance Jones turned into it’s own show called “Down the Tubes” in 2012. After 2 1/2 series, real life got in the way for Carl, Jim Williams, and Tom Delgado and the final episode was recorded in January 2015.

Carl decided on bringing the show back under the new title “SpecRiffs” in late 2015 during the process of the site being renamed as SpectrumOne. The concept will remain the same, with newer material being introduced later down the road.

Series 1 consists of 10 episodes with some of Carl’s favorite “CL Files” and “Down the Tubes” material produced over the past five years. Series 2 will bring all-new material which will branch out of just strictly YouTube videos.