SR1000x200(Posted on February 1, 2016)

What began as a feature on the old “CL Files” program with Carl Chenier and Lance Jones reverts from “Down the Tubes” into the newly named “SpecRiffs.” During the first series, you’ll hear 10 episodes of old material handpicked by Carl as he’ll guide through some of the best riffs done on SpectrumOne over the past 5 years. After these first 10 shows, you’ll hear all new material from Carl, Jim Williams, Tom Delgado, Lance Jones, and other SpectrumOne contributors.

On this debut edition, you’ll hear riffs from the first three episodes of CL Files from 2011 that’ll involve the 42/11 webisode series done by (Anthony) Simon and friends, and Rich Alvarez’s Stupid Mario Brothers fanseries.

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