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(With the recent passing of show creator and first host Jim Williams, this page will be updated with new info very soon by both D.C. Lundberg and Jason “J.D.” Hernandez)

SpectrumOne’s podcast dedicated to all things baseball will enter its 5th season in 2016!

Host Jim Williams leads a round table discussion about the latest news in Major League Baseball.  If it’s happening on the field, in the dugout, in the front office, in the broadcast booth or even in the stands, it’s fair game for our “fan-alysts” and Jim to tackle.

Recurring Segments

Hawk Droppings – Sit back, relax and strap it down for our ode to the biggest homer in baseball announcing, White Sox play-by-play man Ken “Hawk” Harrelson.  In this segment, we pretty much play a clip of “Hawk” going off the deep end and laugh about how idiotic he is.

A Sterling Example – Similar to Hawk Droppings, this segment features Yankees’ radio play-by-play man and his many miscues on the microphone.  Past Sterling Examples have included foul balls hitting him in the booth and misjudging a fly ball horribly (he said it went foul, when in actuality it was fair and caught in right field).

The Greatness That Is Vin Scully – Vin Scully can do no wrong.  We celebrate how baseball’s greatest announcer ever weaves unique stories into his play-by-play accounts of Dodgers games in this segment.

Guess the Scouting Report – D.C. Lundberg goes into his vast array of MLB scout magazines and pulls up scout reviews of former MLB players and quizzes the rest of the crew to see who the scouts are talking about.

Minute of Minutiae – At the end of most podcasts, D.C. Lundberg offers up 60 seconds of unique witticisms that usually pertain to other baseball stories that we may have missed.

Podcast Schedule

During the regular season, “T’EA” episodes come to you every other week (roughly twice per month) from April through mid-July.  After the All Star Break, the podcast enters “Pennant Chase” mode and is recorded and produced on a weekly basis through the end of the regular season.  During the postseason, “T’EA” is available for listening prior to each round of the playoffs and after the World Series.  Starting in 2013, we’ve added special monthly “Touch ‘Em All: Hot Stove” podcasts to recap trades, player movement and offseason MLB news.

“Touch ‘Em All” Credits

Host: Jim Williams

“Fan-alysts”: Jason Block, D.C. Lundberg, Ian McLinn, Andy Sturm, Joel Quey, Gordon Pepper, Joe Van Ginkel, Chico Alexander, Michael McShane, Dave “Sidekick” Weimer, Jason Hernandez, Jessica Brand

Past Episodes

All of our past podcasts are available HERE.

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