Touch ‘Em All #114

(Recorded on July 7, 2018) After Tripp Swinton helps us catch up on the last month and a half from the SpectrumOne News Center, host D.C. Lundberg and panelists Jason Hernandez, Chico Alexander &...

Touch ‘Em All #113 0

Touch ‘Em All #113

(Recorded on May 20, 2018) After the announcer gives host Jason Hernandez a somewhat backhanded introduction, J.D. goes bilingual on us mientras presenta a los panelistas Taylor Blake Ward, Jason Block, y D.C. Lundberg...

Touch ‘Em All #112 0

Touch ‘Em All #112

(Recorded on May 2 and 4, 2018) Take three!! After some false starts, D.C. Lundberg and his panel of Jason Hernandez, Ian McLinn & first-time guest Frank Cardoza begin by discussing a baseball resurgence...

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