PIXELnation #169 0

PIXELnation #169

(Recorded on March 26, 2017) News on Destiny 2, a possible shortage of Switch consoles, a group of folks coming up with new combos in Street Fighter II, GameStop downsizing their store list, plus...

PIXELnation #167 0

PIXELnation #167

(Recorded on March 4, 2017) Jason Block and Brian Henegar are joined by frequent show guest Ivy Reisner this week as they’ll cover the latest news on the Nintendo Switch, a story on a...

PIXELnation #166 0

PIXELnation #166

(Recorded on February 12, 2017) Brian Henegar and Jason Block cover a lot this week, including the news that production of the Wii U will come to an end, Namco’s founder passing away, Sony...

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