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Touch ‘Em All #70 0

Touch ‘Em All #70

(Recorded on August 12, 2015) The trading deadline has come and gone.  Who were the big winners and losers?  Jim Williams, Jessica Brand and Jason Block analyze the moves around Major League Baseball.  Plus,...

Touch ‘Em All #68 0

Touch ‘Em All #68

(Recorded on June 24, 2015) Jim Williams welcomes newcomer Jessica Brand and veteran panelist Jason Block to discuss a plethora of big league topics including two no-hitters, Pete Rose betting on baseball while playing,...

Touch ‘Em All #67 0

Touch ‘Em All #67

(Recorded on May 31, 2015) The season may be two months old, but “Touch ‘Em All” is just heating up!  Join Jim Williams, Jason Block, Ian McLinn, J.D. Hernandez and D.C. Lundberg for 2...

Touch ‘Em All #66 0

Touch ‘Em All #66

(Recorded on May 3, 2015) In a T’EA first, we begin the podcast with news that broke literally seconds before we hit the record button.  Milwaukee’s Ron Roenicke was fired by the Brewers late...

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