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Touch ‘Em All #74 0

Touch ‘Em All #74

(Recorded on October 15-16, 2015) Just minutes after the Mets clinched a berth in the NLCS, Jim Williams, Jessica Brand, Jason Block, Jason Hernandez and Brian Henegar put their stamp on the postseason thus...

Touch ‘Em All #73 0

Touch ‘Em All #73

(Recorded on September 28, 2015) Jessica Brand, Jason Hernandez, D.C. Lundberg and host Jim Williams prepare you for the final weekend of the regular season on the final regular season edition of “Touch ‘Em...

Touch ‘Em All #72 0

Touch ‘Em All #72

(Recorded on September 21, 2015) The playoffs are two weeks away.  Almost everything in the National League is is in place while the American League features two compelling division races.  Host Jim Williams and...

Touch ‘Em All #71 0

Touch ‘Em All #71

(Recorded on September 3, 2015) Welcome to the Pennant Chase!  Jason Hernandez and Chico Alexander  join Jim Williams for the first of our weekly “Pennant Chase” editions of “Touch ‘Em All” where we spend...

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