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Category: Touch Em All

Touch ‘Em All #82

(Recorded on May 30, 2016) How about those Cubbies?!?  They’re only on pace to flirt with the 2001 Mariners for the best ever regular season record.  But, should they strive to do just that?  Host Jim Williams asks that very question to panelists D.C. Lundberg, Jessica Brand and Jason Hernandez.  Also, we look at what […]

Touch ‘Em All #81

(Recorded on May 10, 2016) Jim Williams opened his big mouth on the last podcast and for doing so, he got kicked out of the host’s chair.  D.C. Lundberg guest hosts this week’s show alongside Jim, Jessica Brand, Jason Hernandez and newcomer Jonathan Miller.  Among the topics for this installment of SpectrumOne’s baseball podcast are […]

Touch ‘Em All #80

(Recorded on April 24, 2016) Host Jim Williams and contributors Jason Block, Jessica Brand, Chico Alexander, D.C. Lundberg and J.D. Hernandez have plenty to talk about it including Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter, multiple suspensions across MLB and the big surprises from the first three weeks of the season.  Plus, a look at the bizarre and ridiculous […]

Touch ‘Em All Extra Bases #9 – Interview with Cubs’ announcer Pat Hughes

(Recorded on February 3, 2016) In a special “Extra Bases” edition of “Touch ‘Em All”, Jim Williams talks with the radio voice of the Chicago Cubs, Pat Hughes, who in addition to his broadcasting duties is the creator “Baseball Voices”, a CD series that honors baseball’s greatest announcers. In this half hour interview, Jim and […]

Touch ‘Em All #74

(Recorded on October 15-16, 2015) Just minutes after the Mets clinched a berth in the NLCS, Jim Williams, Jessica Brand, Jason Block, Jason Hernandez and Brian Henegar put their stamp on the postseason thus far recording an LDS review/LCS preview edition of “Touch ‘Em All”.  They’ll recap and analyze each of the four division series […]

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