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Touch ‘Em All #67 0

Touch ‘Em All #67

(Recorded on May 31, 2015) The season may be two months old, but “Touch ‘Em All” is just heating up!  Join Jim Williams, Jason Block, Ian McLinn, J.D. Hernandez and D.C. Lundberg for 2...

PIXELnation #109 0

PIXELnation #109

(Recorded on May 17, 2015) After a week off, Brian Henegar returns to clw83’s official video game news podcast of record, minus one person. NAWC hostess Nikki Heyman is in the co-host chair this...

The BS Big Show #242 0

The BS Big Show #242

(Recorded on May 12, 2015) (Production code: #702) Carl Chenier, Jim Williams, Joe Van Ginkel, Robert Q. Seidelman, and Jason Block will talk in length about the punishments handed down by Roger Goddell to...

Touch ‘Em All #66 0

Touch ‘Em All #66

(Recorded on May 3, 2015) In a T’EA first, we begin the podcast with news that broke literally seconds before we hit the record button.  Milwaukee’s Ron Roenicke was fired by the Brewers late...

PIXELnation #108 0

PIXELnation #108

(Recorded on April 29, 2015) A special mid-week recorded podcast has Brian Henegar and Jason Block talking about some early E3 news from Square Enix, what Spike Lee is doing with 2K Sports for...

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