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NAWC #451

(Recorded on December 1, 2016) SpectrumOne’s wrestling podcast returns for the final month of 2016 with results from Survivor Series, two weeks worth of Raw and SmackDown Live coverage, Goldberg and Lesnar being announced for the 2017 Royal Rumble, 205 Live’s debut combined with Superstars ending production, the usual “LawlTNA” news, and pick ’ems for […]

PIXELnation #163

(Recorded on November 13, 2016) Brian and Jason go in the wayback machine to talk about the NES Classic already being sold out, plus a company in Brazil making new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles. They’ll also talk about NASCAR rookie William Byron’s rise in the sport due to participating in iRacing, the annual “Desert Bus […]

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