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PIXELnation #163

(Recorded on November 13, 2016) Brian and Jason go in the wayback machine to talk about the NES Classic already being sold out, plus a company in Brazil making new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles. They’ll also talk about NASCAR rookie William Byron’s rise in the sport due to participating in iRacing, the annual “Desert Bus […]

PIXELnation #159

(Recorded on October 9, 2016) A movie based on “Gears of War” is getting discussed this week by Brian and Jason on SpectrumOne’s official video game news podcast of record. They’ll also cover news on Nintendo bringing a new game in the “Cruis’n” series, a story from KIRO-TV in Seattle about men and video games, […]

PIXELnation #156

(Recorded on September 10, 2016) Brian Henegar and Jason Block will discuss the iPhone 7/Plus that came with a huge announcement from Nintendo concerning a soon to be released Mario mobile game. They’ll also talk about Sony’s upcoming new versions of the PS4 with a key missing feature missing from the Pro version, Interplay being […]

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