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SpecRiffs #13 0

SpecRiffs #13

(Posted on May 22, 2017) We feature netgame playings of “Let’s Make a Deal” with Jim Williams hosting along with “Remote Control” from 2006 with D.C. Lundberg and Jim hosting on this month’s podcast....

PIXELnation #174 0

PIXELnation #174

(Recorded on May 7, 2017) Brian Henegar and Jason Block cover more Nintendo news this week as long-time company director Genyo Takeda retires after 46 years of service with the company. They’ll also talk...

PIXELnation #173 0

PIXELnation #173

(Recorded on April 30, 2017) Nintendo’s at it again with another replacement handheld in the form of a new 2DS XL model along with news on the potential next verson of PlayStation, the 25th...

PIXELnation #172 0

PIXELnation #172

(Recorded on April 23, 2017) On the heels of Nintendo stopping production on the NES Classic, Brian Henegar and Jason Block talk about the announcement of the SUPER NES Classic to come out this...

SpecRiffs #12 0

SpecRiffs #12

(Posted on April 22, 2017) More ICGSN material from November 2004 will get aired on this month’s edition of SpecRiffs as we continue paying tribute to the late Jim Williams and his best work....

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