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Category: Column

WLTI Live Bonus Point #10 – The Adventures of Casual Game Show Fan: Chapter 2 – Selling Church

Written by: Dino “Chico” Alexander Welcome to another installment of “Casual Game Show Fan”, a column that explains the mechanics of our little geek world to those who know who hosted “The Price Is Right” last week, but doesn’t know who hosted it back in the 60s… Bill Cullen, by the way. It was Bill […]

WLTI Live Bonus Point #9 – In Lieu of Roses: A Rare, but Timely Defense of “The Bachelorette”

Written by: Dino “Chico” Alexander “While the floors underneath our feet are crumbling, the walls we built together are tumbling, I still stand here holding up the roof, ’cause it’s easier than telling the truth.” -Kris Allen, “The Truth” This Monday on “The Bachelorette” was something else. We had the trademark drama – real or […]

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