The BS Big Show

BS1000x200May 2009 – present

This is our NFL-heavy podcast that began in May 2009 and has undergone quite a few format and personnel changes. The show is currently hosted by Carl Chenier and includes a rotating panel of usually three to four people to help with the discussions and whatnot.

The show was presented by Fan from September 2012 to July 2013 until it was shut down by it’s founder.

Season 7 began unexpectedly during the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft and finished up with Super Bowl 50.

Season 8 began in April 2016 and ended with Super Bowl LI.

Season 9 is currently underway.

Show Host:

Carl Chenier

Show Panelists:

Chico Alexander
Jason Block
Jessica Brand
Tom Delgado
Mike Klauss
Joe Van Ginkel
Josh Henninger
Ethan Musulin
Cyndi Seidelman (also past host from 2009-2010)

Past Hosts:
Chris Palmer (2009-2011)
Jim Williams (2009-2016; passed away in 2017)

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