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Touch ‘Em All #74

(Recorded on October 15-16, 2015)

Just minutes after the Mets clinched a berth in the NLCS, Jim Williams, Jessica Brand, Jason Block, Jason Hernandez and Brian Henegar put their stamp on the postseason thus far recording an LDS review/LCS preview edition of “Touch ‘Em All”.  They’ll recap and analyze each of the four division series in full with analysis, play by play clips, highlights and more.  From Chase Utley’s slide to the insane 7th inning in Game 5 of Texas-Toronto to Houston’s Game 4 collapse in the 8th to Chicago’s long ball prowess, they cover all the bases of baseball’s version of the Elite Eight.  Plus, the panel offers up their predictions on who will make it to the World Series.  And, yes, another food oriented bet is at stake, but between which two contributors?  You’ll have to listen HERE to find out!

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