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The Radio Racket Annual 2014

RadioRacket(Recorded live on July 26 & 27, 2014)

Just when you thought the end was near, they’re baaaaaaaack!

George Brusstar, Kyle Wilson and Jeff Ryan take to the internet airwaves of Talk 500 for their first broadcast since the 2013 Radio Racket Reunion to talk radio, broadcasting, their respective lives and more. It’s 5 and a half hours of COMEDY GOLD that they plan on doing once every year…maybe.

Highlights include the return of radio broadcaster Paul Walker to the “big time audio broadcast”, Mike from South Philly’s first call to the show in almost 7 years, airchecks from the old WNJC-AM “Radio Radio Show” circa the late 1990s featuring Mike from South Philly (and his Mom) and George teaching his kids what a “puker” radio voice sounds like.

You can hear the Radio Racket Rewind (featuring clw83’s own Jim Williams on occasion) at Also, be sure to like the show on Facebook at for more fun & frivolity, and be sure to tell them you heard about them on!

Listen to this special presentation RIGHT HERE!

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