North American Wrestling Connection #442

(Recorded on September 22, 2016) Nikki Heyman, Jason Block, Chris “CM” Waters, and “Stat Boy” Josh Henninger discuss the recent health issues of former American Gladiators competitor and former WWE wrestler Rico Constantino along with news on WWE 2K17’s Season Pass/DLC content. They’ll also bring up the potential end of TNA/Impact Wrestling and they’ll give […]

North American Wrestling Connection #441

(Recorded on September 15, 2016) Nikki Heyman makes a return to the host chair this week alongside Jason Block, Shane “Bad News” Beaman, and Chris “CM” Waters as they’ll recap Backlash, look back at Raw and Smackdown Live, discuss matches set for Raw’s Clash of Champions, and much more in the world of professional wrestling. […]

PIXELnation #156

(Recorded on September 10, 2016) Brian Henegar and Jason Block will discuss the iPhone 7/Plus that came with a huge announcement from Nintendo concerning a soon to be released Mario mobile game. They’ll also talk about Sony’s upcoming new versions of the PS4 with a key missing feature missing from the Pro version, Interplay being […]

North American Wrestling Connection #440

(Recorded on September 8, 2016) Jason Block leads in a panel of Chris “CM” Waters, Shane “Bad News” Beaman, Carl Chenier, and later appearances by “Stat Boy” Josh Henninger and show host Nikki Heyman as they’ll talk about news concerning Scott Hall’s recent relaspe, Mick Foley’s DDP Yoga usage leading to over 80 pounds lost, […]

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